I'm Staying Lost

This is my small humble attempt to pay tribute to the experience that is "Lost." I'll ponder why I like it, WTF moments, go off on tangents, or just plain have fun! Come get lost with me!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When a ? means answers

I have some thoughts after watching (and taking notes!) “?.” Yeah, I take notes. I have trouble remembering everything I saw, even if I watch more than once. An episode like "?" almost begs for notetaking. I guess I'm hoping the more I understand along the way the better the payoff will be when answers come.

I warn you that these are pretty random and disconnected – I have sinusitis and am on medication! Just one of the perks of the Beautiful Ohio Valley – sinus issues!

Here is what we learned, or my nine points of revelation:

1. Kate is Vincent’s replacement! - I posted about this on the forum, but what’s up with Jack and Sawyer treating SuperKate like the family dog? Jack tells Sawyer Kate will go with him, not even stooping to speak to her. Then Sawyer walks away and says “C’mon Freckles” as an afterthought. No wonder nobody misses Vincent – they have good old Kate! Trust me – she is the next one to go all Michael on everybody.

2. Sometimes you don’t need any words. How about when Hurley comes upon Sawyer and Kate-the-Family-Pet getting the heroin? The camera pulls back because we know what Kate’s telling him and we don’t need to hear it. Almost anybody would walk away from a conversation like that between two other people because it’s so personal. (No clunky exposition once again – thanks, Damon!) We just get to see Kate’s arm on his shoulder and Hurley’s head slump forward, almost like he was shot too. I got a little misty. Actually, if you didn’t tear up during this episode, check your pulse!

3. Deep down, Locke really is pathetic, and he finally realizes that. Question: If Locke dreams that Eko is watching him sleep, is he really watching himself? And – surprise – in Locke’s dream, he is not the hero, Eko is. This supports what he says later about his pathetic little life being meaningless. He’s forever watching other people do what he’s supposed to do. Maybe Locke realizes he’s “sleeping” when he should get his bottom (and what a nice one it is!) in gear and do something to find the ?. This is where his "redemption" comes in. He'll finally act to back up his beliefs instead of telling everyone else to do something. ETA: It’s been pointed out that Eko was limping in Locke’s dream, so Locke wants to be Eko? Or he thinks he can’t accomplish what he’s supposed to accomplish without Eko?

4. The new bickering couple is Eko and Locke! I sincerely loved their walk through the jungle: Eko: (looking at the map) What is this, a river? Locke: It’s a wavy line. And the head butt? I have been waiting for almost two years for somebody to do that to Locke (and I’m the biggest Locke fan there is)! Eko rocks! ETA: Moral – Sometimes we all need some sense knocked into us!

5. We’re not asking the right questions. For those who think we’re not getting any answers, I think we are, but not to the questions we’re asking. Kinda like life. (Medication, remember?) IMHO, the right question is how many log carriers does it take to replace Ana and Libby??

6. It’s Michael’s party, and he can shoot if he wants to! Michael and Hurley in the Hatch: I think Michael is realizing there it’s not his island and the other Losties are just there because he lets them live on it. Well, actually it’s exactly like that right now. Anyways (ding), while he’s been thinking about and searching for Walt, he has failed to notice anybody not connected with his son. This might be natural for a father, especially an over-compensating formerly absentee one, and I think the Others have and will continue to exploit that. But when Hurley tells him he’s glad he’s OK, he is starting to notice somebody else, even as Hurley’s killing him with guilt and kindness. I guess that will be the beginning of his redemption, and maybe the reason behind why Walt was taken in the first place. Remember Zeke saying they have to take the boy? After fake Henry told Ana Goodwin thought he could redeem her, I thought one of the missions of Dharma might be to “redeem” the people who can be good, which is to exploit the weaknesses of the Losties for their own benefit.

7. Eko is a good priest! Charlotte tells Eko his brother said this. Well, if Yemi said it, it’s good enough for me!

8. Libby really does (oops, did) work for Dharma (either consicously or without knowing it)! Did you catch the look she gave Charlotte at the airport? I think Eko noticed too but was too distracted by what Charlotte was saying to put it together. Now that she’s dead, he probably won’t remember he saw her at all. Remember Jack, just because she was on the plane (and the fact she was in the airport doesn’t entirely prove that) it doesn’t mean she isn’t (or wasn’t) a mole! And depending on how complicated or devious you think Dharma and/or Widmore are, might they be deceiving their moles too? How much does anyone who is doing their bidding have to understand? Remember in the second orientation film how the doctor says the observers don't need to know the purpose of the experiment?

9. The work being done on the island is important, but not because they’re told to do it. When Eko mentions this, I think he’s not just talking about what they do in the Swan Station, or the Pearl Station, if they ever make use of it. He’s also talking about whatever they do on the island – all their interactions, conflicts, etc.

One more and I promise I’ll stop! The beeping of the alarm at the end clues us in to the fact that time really is running out.