I'm Staying Lost

This is my small humble attempt to pay tribute to the experience that is "Lost." I'll ponder why I like it, WTF moments, go off on tangents, or just plain have fun! Come get lost with me!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fridge Art

Let me start by saying that my son is four. He made a picture in pre-school for art class. He took some of those packing peanuts and put them in food coloring so they were different colors. Then he glued them onto a piece of construction paper. The title at the top (written by the teacher after he told her what to write) was "Bobby's Cannon Balls." When we brought it home, he told me he wanted to cover up the word "Cannon" so it would say . . yes, you got it . . "Bobby's Balls." When he told me this, it was very hard to explain why I laughed so hard I started crying. I took a small white piece of paper and glued it over the word "Cannon." I hung the picture back up on the fridge. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I crack up again. Did I mention my son is four?

ETA: The picture is up.