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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just call me Ramblin' Eve!

I'll pick up right where I left off!

White Rabbit

Things really do happen for a reason!

Arguing against the "crash was just an accident" theory, there may be some evidence here that certain survivors were supposed to be on the plane and survive the crash, but not necessarily to benefit Dharma or the Others. Someone (maybe Kate) mentions the girl (forgot the name) who drowns was supposed to take an earlier flight but she got sick (?) and took flight 815 instead - something that did not seem to be planned.

Has it really been thirty days in the hole?

The title, an obvious reference to "Alice in Wonderland" might foreshadow the hatch being compared to going down the rabbit hole. The hatch has not been found yet, but Jack's white rabbit (his Dad) leads to an important discovery of the caves and fresh water. Maybe Jack is coming to terms with the fact his Dad may have been wrong about him, but he seems to waver in S2. It's interesting that Kate thinks Jack seeing his Dad may be due to lack of sleep. When she starts seeing (and hearing) things, she is discounted too.

You're going to do what?

Sun wonders who will tell them what to do, and when Jin answers that he will tell her, she looks very sad. I think he meant he would stand by her and take care of her in a loving way, but she took it to mean he's going to take over her life and behave like he has in the past. I think this is the start of Sun trying to rediscover her own identity within her relationship with Jin instead of without him. As of the end of S2, to see how far they have come is remarkable!

Walk like a man . .

When Jack gets a closer look at his Dad, Christian turns his back and walks away. He's corporeal because the leaves move as he walks by. The writers clearly want us to notice that, because with special effect, the could easily have made Christian look and move more like a ghost. Depending on whether or not you count the polar bear (and I don't since it was shot and killed), this is the first of what I call the "solid visions."

The old man is on the road!

Locke goes to search for water and he says he knows where to look. How? Is he just posturing or does he really know his way around? In light of what happens to him in S2, many think he did not know as much at this point as some thought he did, but I'm still on the fence. Later, in one of the first encounters between Jack and Locke, Locke saves Jack, something Jack may have trouble dealing with later since he's supposed to "save" others. This might serve as one source of tension between them later.

This town ain't big enough for the two of us!

Sawyer makes a sarcastic (is there any other kind with him?) comment about Kate being the new sheriff in town and throws her the Marshall's badge. This is clearly a foreshadowing of S2's "The Long Con" where Sawyer proclaims he is the new sheriff! The power struggle if these two get together (or even if they don't!) in S3 will be amazing.

We got trouble right here on Craphold Island!

Jack makes the comment that is he's not hallucinating (about his Dad) then they're "all in a lot of trouble." Well, you're all in a lot of trouble anyway, even without the alleged hallucinations, Jack. (Taking to the TV where you're not in front of it is a sign of withdrawl sickness!) This foreshadows other alleged hallucinations (the black horse, Dave) where the viewers sanity is called into question. But is Jack theorizing Christian is still alive? Why would he think that if he saw his body at the morgue (or hospital)? The theory that Christian is still alive gains steam here, but I'm on the fence about that one too. It used to be that someone was dead if you saw the body. Now I'm not sure.

Who died and made you boss?

At some point (I'm not sure if it's in this episode or not) Locke has an encounter with Ole' Smokey. After that, he starts to act like he knows what's going on and suddenly bestows his wisdom upon others. He seems to think that "things happen for a reason." He "looked into the eye of the island (the monster?) and what [he] saw was beautiful." And, of course, "a leader can't lead until he knows where he's going." Is Locke implying he knows where he is going and Jack doesn't? Or that Jack should figure out his next move before he tries to lead anyone else? I think Jack believes the former and it starts to gnaw at him more and more, on into S2. It will be interesting what Jack's attitude is when he gets back to the other suvivors (if he gets back . . bwahahahaa!) and he possibly knows things about the Others Locke does not!

Crying over you

Here begins a theme that carries over into S2 - Jack crying in the jungle. So far, Jack has struck me as the kind of person, like Ana Lucia in a way, that does not like to cry or display emotions in front of others. As a doctor, he has had to be objective and keep his emotions in check when dealing with others. Both by himself and in front of others, gradually he lets his guard down.


Jack utters the infamous "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone" speech. Is this his attempt to lead or is he trying to convince himself at the same time? It seems that whenever someone dies from here on out, they are not alone - they are with at least part of the group. Boone is with Jack, Ethan is killed by Charlie but Jack is there too. Later in S2, Ana and Libby are with (and killed by) Michael and Henry is there before Michael lets him go. The threats are not only from within, but as Jack later discovers, the outside threats affect what is going on within the group, which in turn affects what happens on the outside. What Jack originally applied to their group turns out to be true for dealing with the Others too. Yet Jack is the one who eventually wants to start an army since he figures they can't "live together" with the Others and it becomes an "us or them" situation to him.


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