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Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm starting to feel like I'm near the Equator!

It's so (expletive here) hot that (exaggeration here)! So, what better way to pass the time than to review some of the episodes from S1 and S2. I still have questions about some and have noticed new (to me) connections or details in others. In light of what has happened on the island to date, most of the past episodes, especially from S1, look quite different.


The weather, it is a-changin!

Charile asks if it's normal for day to turn into night and the weather to change so quickly and actually uses the phrase "end of the world type stuff," or something like that. I know some viewers made comments during S2 that day turned into night almost too quickly and blamed it on continuity errors, but if the "specialness" of the island has something to do with the weather, maybe it was on purpose. Whatever the reason, Charlie's comments here let us know right away that there's something unique about this island and hints at somethins potentially apocalyptic, which was echoed in the way S2 ended. I love when things come back around like that! Incidentally, I remember when I was on vacation in the Philippines several years ago, the sunrises and sunset seemed quick to me too, so maybe it's natural in that part of the world.

It Keeps You Runnin'

Jacks makes a comment to Kate when she's sewing him up that she's not running now. This ties into the theme of tabula rasa - a fresh start - that is continued throughout S1 and S2, especially with Kate. She's not running because not only is there nowhere to run to, but there is no longer a reason. Her past, even when it's partially disclosed, is not really an issue for anyone. Sawyer is treated much worse for simply depriving a bratty girl of her medicine, a substitute for which is eventually found anyway. And, as far as I remember, the only one who knows Kate actually killed someone is Sawyer, and he's been pretty good at keeping secrets so far. I guess it's still who you know.

We're invisible, and the weather's still freaky!

The pilot (hey, Greg!) said that six hours into the flight the radio went out and no one could see them. This is echoed in S2 when Henry makes the comment that not even God knows where they are. This, at least to me, hints that there's some reason objects in the vicinity of the island, as well the island itself, can't be seen. The pilot also remarks that when they attempted to turn around, that's when they got caught in the storm. This is almost exactly what Desmond encountered when he got to the island by boat, as revealed in the S2 finale. This is perhaps why Henry gives Michael precise coordinates to get away from the island. There may be a manufactured security system in place around the island to keep unwanted visitors out. That said, does this point to the crash of 815 being an accident, caused by a failure to press the button, or was 815 "let in?" Anyway, we get more hints that there's something up with this island.

Chain of fools

At some point in all of this, Walt finds the marshall's handcuffs and gives them to Michael who decides to tell no one and assumes (when you assume . . you know the rest!) they were used on Sawyer. Misunderstandings (and hijinx) ensue when Sawyer gets into it with Sayid because Sawyer thinks Sayid is a terrorist. Later, Sayid doesn't have much of a problem torturing Sawyer because he's a trouble-maker anyway who deprives hot girls of their asthma medicine! This comes around to bite everyone when Sawyer comes up with a scheme to get the guns. So, all of this is Walt's fault? Or was it his plan from the beginning? ;) Maybe I have been at this way too long!

Tabula Rasa

Hope does not always spring eternal!

The group's (Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Shannon and Boone, if I remember correctly) decision to lie and not tell the other survivors what they heard on Danielle's transmission because Sayid says he does not want to take away their hope. This comes back in S.O.S. when Bernard expresses the hope that if they build a signal on the beach, someone will see it and come to rescue them, but no one else seems to share it. (Even he abandons it once his reason to go back is taken away!) However, Sayid's point here that hope is a dangerous this to lose is a good one. I think he's proven right later, but this marks the first time someone decides to withhold potentially critical info about something on the island. (I'm not counting the handcuffs here because the way they were found there was no way to know who they were for.)

Let's play "Follow the Leader!"

When the group returns, Sayid (not Jack or Locke) emerges as the "leader." He proposes setting up groups to accomplish gathering water, rationing food, and gathering electronic equipment to send a signal. At this point, he is the one doing the most to help the group and is content to do what he can and not cause Kate to go get a ruler! This continues to be a motivation for him, even after he thinks he's not helping and tries to leave. Even through S2, even when he thinks he's made a mistake, he's usually right in his assessment of the situation and the people involved. Like Ana says later, "Jack and Locke are a little too worried about Locke and Jack!" (one of my favorite lines ever!) This comes back to bite them and everyone else more than once, while Sayid keeps coming up with good ideas. The smart survivors better start listening to this guy!

Or we can play "I've Got a Secret!"

Jack decides not to tell Kate he saw her wanted poster when the Marshall woke up. Kate returns the favor when she decides not to tell Jack about her criminal past. Some viewers have complained that no one seems to talk or at least tell each other anything. This might be a mistake when it comes to things that might affect the group's survival (the transmission, the capture of Henry) but when it comes to personal details, I think it's just human nature. I know if I were Kate, I wouldn't exactly stand on a tree stump and shout out my past sins. And Jack doesn't want to turn into a pot calling Kettle Kate black because we're probably going to find out he's been a little bit naughtier then we've seen so far. However, Sun isn't the only one planting seeds! The Marshall's words to Jack about Kate stick with him and color how he sees her up until the end of S2 when it appears she has gained back at least some of his trust.

Who'll stop the rain?

It's not exactly clear at this point, but there are hints that Walt may be "special." Michael tells Walt he will look for Vincent (the dog) as soon as it stops raining. Just at that moment, it stopped. As I recall, when we see Walt reading the comic book with a polar bear clearly visible on one of the pages, it isn't too long after this that the "real" polar bear shows up! This is again echoed in "Special" when Walt is reading a book about birds (I think) and a bird flies into the window.

I'll post more later! Hope you've enjoyed my rambling!


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