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Monday, January 16, 2006

He's a baaad. . . shut your mouth, Charlie!

Who should I smack first? Mr. Eko? If I were suicidal, sure. Just the sight of an angry Eko coming for me would probably strike me down on the spot. How about Charlie? Nah, I never want to kick a man when he's down. He's been kicked to the curb so many times he's got shoe prints on his backside! Claire? No, she's the only one making sense! And she packed up Charlie's stuff so neatly. I think there's hope, shippers!

I think the one who deserves a good smack upside the head is Sawyer! Everyone is trying to be nice to him and he is having none of it. I know he has an image to maintain, so after he gets what's coming to him (a sign of affection, of course), he can go back to the smart-aleck we all love!

Back to Mr. Eko. Once again, I am a hypocrite. I will give Eko a pass, but not Ana Lucia. Hell, I'll give anyone a pass before her. But that's not my point. A messed-up past is a staple here. It seems you couldn't have gotten on Flight 815 without one. His scared the crap out of me, and occasionally, made me cry like a little girl. I'm hopeful for him because he has already hit rock bottom. I can't say the same for everyone's favorite addict - Charlie. I think he still has a ways to go. But at least he may have Mr. Eko in his corner. It'll be interesting to see who stands by Charlie and who doesn't - and who may have to stand up to Mr. Eko in the process. Although even his one friend may leave him if he doesn't make an effort to clean up.

All in all, some interesting interactions and conflicts up ahead. And, oh yeah, everybody is still stranded on Mystery Craphole Island complete with smoke "monsters," wild animals, Others, and who knows what else!


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