I'm Staying Lost

This is my small humble attempt to pay tribute to the experience that is "Lost." I'll ponder why I like it, WTF moments, go off on tangents, or just plain have fun! Come get lost with me!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thoughts about the Charlie and Claire "family"

I'm a sucker for a baby! I used to swaddle my two boys too. They were extreme preemies and I was told that it really helps them feel secure. (Not sure Aaron officially was a preemie - Claire seemed as big as a house before Aaron popped out!)

This has nothing to do with Claire's Austrailian background, but I used to try something called "kangaroo care" with my babies. I even have a book on it given to me by the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit). You hold them on your chest (bare baby against mom's bare chest) and cover both, of course, with a sheet or blanket. This would be something that could be shown, since everyone would be covered very discreetly! I think showing Claire feeding Aaron (again, somewhat covered, but so you could tell what she was doing) would be awesome! I am quite sure there are baby experts and parents (although IMHO parents do become baby experts - at least with their own!) among the writers and the baby information will be first rate!

Finally, I have a couple of ideas of involving the baby more. First, you could have an episode filmed entirely from Aaron's pov. You would get more interesting conversations, since Claire and Charlie and others would be free to say whatever they wanted in front of the baby (indoor voices, of course!) because who's he going to tell and he can't talk back! Also, if someone wanted no one to hear them, but they still had to get something off their chest, who better to listen then Aaron? Especially when Locke gets on your last nerve!

As a side note, I love Locke intensely, but I pray for a scence where someone will explicitly tell him, "You are getting on my last nerve and if you don't back the h*** off, you will be missing a limb!" Charlie may end up doing it first but I think it would be more interesting if Claire did.

Then, maybe sometime down the road, have Aaron all grown up, and having weird memories or dreams about what happened when he was a baby/toddler/young boy. This could be a flashback ep to fill in missing pieces.

I loved the part where Claire told Locke that her and Charlie are living there and kind or raising the baby together but she doesn't remember marrying him. (I almost typed "raisining" there. Well, if you sit a baby in the sun too long. . . ) Notice she said she doesn't remember not that she didn't . . or wouldn't! Would'nt it be funny if she actually did have a cute little ceremony, before her amnesia scare, maybe just the two of them fooling around on the beach? Charlie, if he's feeling a bit devious, could make up anything they allegedly said to each other, then conveniently "remind" Claire if she was unsure of their relationship. But Charlie wouldn't do that . . would he? Yes he would, people!