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Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Belated Lost Thanksgiving!

Sorry I couldn't get this up sooner, but this cracked me up! This appeared in our local paper, The Cincinnati Enquirer. The artists (props are due) are Holly Hilliard, 14, and Kelsey Bick, 15, of Hillsboro. Apparently the newspaper chose 45 winners out of 5,470 entries! This, of course, was my favorite!

Here you see Charlie and Claire turkeys at the top left. Just to the right of them, you can just make out the "Other" turkeys! Too funny! Just below Charlie and Claire is the Locke turkey, complete with knife and monkey (?) or boar - I can't tell. To his right is the Jack turkey with a torch. Just below Jack is the Kate turkey with a tiny airplane in her wing! And on the far right is the Hurley turkey. Kudos to Holly and Kelsey!!!


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Kelsey Bick said...

Hey! This is Kelsey Bick, one of the artists of the Lost turkeys! I was Google-ing myself, and your blog came up. So, of course, I clicked on the link, and there was Holly and I's drawing and this awesome weblog about it! I was so excited that you liked our art. See, Holly and I are HUGE Lost fans and thought it would be the perfect theme for an art project we were doing. We never dreamed it would get in the paper, let alone that other people would get it. You even realized about the Others! Oh, and Locke's dragging a boar, it's just that we had to reduce the turkeys down to make them fit, then they were reduced down even more when they were published in the Enquire. Some other things you may not have caught: Claire is carrying a baby Aaron, Jack has the key around his neck,and the bandages on Charlie's fingers say "LATE" even though that was an earlier episode. Anyways, thanks so much for featuring us on your blog, that's so awesome! ~Kelsey Bick


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