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This is my small humble attempt to pay tribute to the experience that is "Lost." I'll ponder why I like it, WTF moments, go off on tangents, or just plain have fun! Come get lost with me!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My son is a Lost fan and he has not seen the show!

Here are some pictures my son drew this morning:

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Sawyer fishing at Lost Pond

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Jack in his suit (from the pilot)

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Charlie following Sayid (Bobby heard Charlie describe this to Eko)

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This is how Bobby wrote "Lost"

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The whole group (from a desktop background I found)

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Walt and Jack

He has not really seen a full episode - just network promos, some short clips and interviews, but nothing that's not family friendly, since he is just 4! He has also heard me discussing the show too. They are sponges, aren't they? Kids, I mean.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just call me Ramblin' Eve!

I'll pick up right where I left off!

White Rabbit

Things really do happen for a reason!

Arguing against the "crash was just an accident" theory, there may be some evidence here that certain survivors were supposed to be on the plane and survive the crash, but not necessarily to benefit Dharma or the Others. Someone (maybe Kate) mentions the girl (forgot the name) who drowns was supposed to take an earlier flight but she got sick (?) and took flight 815 instead - something that did not seem to be planned.

Has it really been thirty days in the hole?

The title, an obvious reference to "Alice in Wonderland" might foreshadow the hatch being compared to going down the rabbit hole. The hatch has not been found yet, but Jack's white rabbit (his Dad) leads to an important discovery of the caves and fresh water. Maybe Jack is coming to terms with the fact his Dad may have been wrong about him, but he seems to waver in S2. It's interesting that Kate thinks Jack seeing his Dad may be due to lack of sleep. When she starts seeing (and hearing) things, she is discounted too.

You're going to do what?

Sun wonders who will tell them what to do, and when Jin answers that he will tell her, she looks very sad. I think he meant he would stand by her and take care of her in a loving way, but she took it to mean he's going to take over her life and behave like he has in the past. I think this is the start of Sun trying to rediscover her own identity within her relationship with Jin instead of without him. As of the end of S2, to see how far they have come is remarkable!

Walk like a man . .

When Jack gets a closer look at his Dad, Christian turns his back and walks away. He's corporeal because the leaves move as he walks by. The writers clearly want us to notice that, because with special effect, the could easily have made Christian look and move more like a ghost. Depending on whether or not you count the polar bear (and I don't since it was shot and killed), this is the first of what I call the "solid visions."

The old man is on the road!

Locke goes to search for water and he says he knows where to look. How? Is he just posturing or does he really know his way around? In light of what happens to him in S2, many think he did not know as much at this point as some thought he did, but I'm still on the fence. Later, in one of the first encounters between Jack and Locke, Locke saves Jack, something Jack may have trouble dealing with later since he's supposed to "save" others. This might serve as one source of tension between them later.

This town ain't big enough for the two of us!

Sawyer makes a sarcastic (is there any other kind with him?) comment about Kate being the new sheriff in town and throws her the Marshall's badge. This is clearly a foreshadowing of S2's "The Long Con" where Sawyer proclaims he is the new sheriff! The power struggle if these two get together (or even if they don't!) in S3 will be amazing.

We got trouble right here on Craphold Island!

Jack makes the comment that is he's not hallucinating (about his Dad) then they're "all in a lot of trouble." Well, you're all in a lot of trouble anyway, even without the alleged hallucinations, Jack. (Taking to the TV where you're not in front of it is a sign of withdrawl sickness!) This foreshadows other alleged hallucinations (the black horse, Dave) where the viewers sanity is called into question. But is Jack theorizing Christian is still alive? Why would he think that if he saw his body at the morgue (or hospital)? The theory that Christian is still alive gains steam here, but I'm on the fence about that one too. It used to be that someone was dead if you saw the body. Now I'm not sure.

Who died and made you boss?

At some point (I'm not sure if it's in this episode or not) Locke has an encounter with Ole' Smokey. After that, he starts to act like he knows what's going on and suddenly bestows his wisdom upon others. He seems to think that "things happen for a reason." He "looked into the eye of the island (the monster?) and what [he] saw was beautiful." And, of course, "a leader can't lead until he knows where he's going." Is Locke implying he knows where he is going and Jack doesn't? Or that Jack should figure out his next move before he tries to lead anyone else? I think Jack believes the former and it starts to gnaw at him more and more, on into S2. It will be interesting what Jack's attitude is when he gets back to the other suvivors (if he gets back . . bwahahahaa!) and he possibly knows things about the Others Locke does not!

Crying over you

Here begins a theme that carries over into S2 - Jack crying in the jungle. So far, Jack has struck me as the kind of person, like Ana Lucia in a way, that does not like to cry or display emotions in front of others. As a doctor, he has had to be objective and keep his emotions in check when dealing with others. Both by himself and in front of others, gradually he lets his guard down.


Jack utters the infamous "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone" speech. Is this his attempt to lead or is he trying to convince himself at the same time? It seems that whenever someone dies from here on out, they are not alone - they are with at least part of the group. Boone is with Jack, Ethan is killed by Charlie but Jack is there too. Later in S2, Ana and Libby are with (and killed by) Michael and Henry is there before Michael lets him go. The threats are not only from within, but as Jack later discovers, the outside threats affect what is going on within the group, which in turn affects what happens on the outside. What Jack originally applied to their group turns out to be true for dealing with the Others too. Yet Jack is the one who eventually wants to start an army since he figures they can't "live together" with the Others and it becomes an "us or them" situation to him.

Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm starting to feel like I'm near the Equator!

It's so (expletive here) hot that (exaggeration here)! So, what better way to pass the time than to review some of the episodes from S1 and S2. I still have questions about some and have noticed new (to me) connections or details in others. In light of what has happened on the island to date, most of the past episodes, especially from S1, look quite different.


The weather, it is a-changin!

Charile asks if it's normal for day to turn into night and the weather to change so quickly and actually uses the phrase "end of the world type stuff," or something like that. I know some viewers made comments during S2 that day turned into night almost too quickly and blamed it on continuity errors, but if the "specialness" of the island has something to do with the weather, maybe it was on purpose. Whatever the reason, Charlie's comments here let us know right away that there's something unique about this island and hints at somethins potentially apocalyptic, which was echoed in the way S2 ended. I love when things come back around like that! Incidentally, I remember when I was on vacation in the Philippines several years ago, the sunrises and sunset seemed quick to me too, so maybe it's natural in that part of the world.

It Keeps You Runnin'

Jacks makes a comment to Kate when she's sewing him up that she's not running now. This ties into the theme of tabula rasa - a fresh start - that is continued throughout S1 and S2, especially with Kate. She's not running because not only is there nowhere to run to, but there is no longer a reason. Her past, even when it's partially disclosed, is not really an issue for anyone. Sawyer is treated much worse for simply depriving a bratty girl of her medicine, a substitute for which is eventually found anyway. And, as far as I remember, the only one who knows Kate actually killed someone is Sawyer, and he's been pretty good at keeping secrets so far. I guess it's still who you know.

We're invisible, and the weather's still freaky!

The pilot (hey, Greg!) said that six hours into the flight the radio went out and no one could see them. This is echoed in S2 when Henry makes the comment that not even God knows where they are. This, at least to me, hints that there's some reason objects in the vicinity of the island, as well the island itself, can't be seen. The pilot also remarks that when they attempted to turn around, that's when they got caught in the storm. This is almost exactly what Desmond encountered when he got to the island by boat, as revealed in the S2 finale. This is perhaps why Henry gives Michael precise coordinates to get away from the island. There may be a manufactured security system in place around the island to keep unwanted visitors out. That said, does this point to the crash of 815 being an accident, caused by a failure to press the button, or was 815 "let in?" Anyway, we get more hints that there's something up with this island.

Chain of fools

At some point in all of this, Walt finds the marshall's handcuffs and gives them to Michael who decides to tell no one and assumes (when you assume . . you know the rest!) they were used on Sawyer. Misunderstandings (and hijinx) ensue when Sawyer gets into it with Sayid because Sawyer thinks Sayid is a terrorist. Later, Sayid doesn't have much of a problem torturing Sawyer because he's a trouble-maker anyway who deprives hot girls of their asthma medicine! This comes around to bite everyone when Sawyer comes up with a scheme to get the guns. So, all of this is Walt's fault? Or was it his plan from the beginning? ;) Maybe I have been at this way too long!

Tabula Rasa

Hope does not always spring eternal!

The group's (Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Shannon and Boone, if I remember correctly) decision to lie and not tell the other survivors what they heard on Danielle's transmission because Sayid says he does not want to take away their hope. This comes back in S.O.S. when Bernard expresses the hope that if they build a signal on the beach, someone will see it and come to rescue them, but no one else seems to share it. (Even he abandons it once his reason to go back is taken away!) However, Sayid's point here that hope is a dangerous this to lose is a good one. I think he's proven right later, but this marks the first time someone decides to withhold potentially critical info about something on the island. (I'm not counting the handcuffs here because the way they were found there was no way to know who they were for.)

Let's play "Follow the Leader!"

When the group returns, Sayid (not Jack or Locke) emerges as the "leader." He proposes setting up groups to accomplish gathering water, rationing food, and gathering electronic equipment to send a signal. At this point, he is the one doing the most to help the group and is content to do what he can and not cause Kate to go get a ruler! This continues to be a motivation for him, even after he thinks he's not helping and tries to leave. Even through S2, even when he thinks he's made a mistake, he's usually right in his assessment of the situation and the people involved. Like Ana says later, "Jack and Locke are a little too worried about Locke and Jack!" (one of my favorite lines ever!) This comes back to bite them and everyone else more than once, while Sayid keeps coming up with good ideas. The smart survivors better start listening to this guy!

Or we can play "I've Got a Secret!"

Jack decides not to tell Kate he saw her wanted poster when the Marshall woke up. Kate returns the favor when she decides not to tell Jack about her criminal past. Some viewers have complained that no one seems to talk or at least tell each other anything. This might be a mistake when it comes to things that might affect the group's survival (the transmission, the capture of Henry) but when it comes to personal details, I think it's just human nature. I know if I were Kate, I wouldn't exactly stand on a tree stump and shout out my past sins. And Jack doesn't want to turn into a pot calling Kettle Kate black because we're probably going to find out he's been a little bit naughtier then we've seen so far. However, Sun isn't the only one planting seeds! The Marshall's words to Jack about Kate stick with him and color how he sees her up until the end of S2 when it appears she has gained back at least some of his trust.

Who'll stop the rain?

It's not exactly clear at this point, but there are hints that Walt may be "special." Michael tells Walt he will look for Vincent (the dog) as soon as it stops raining. Just at that moment, it stopped. As I recall, when we see Walt reading the comic book with a polar bear clearly visible on one of the pages, it isn't too long after this that the "real" polar bear shows up! This is again echoed in "Special" when Walt is reading a book about birds (I think) and a bird flies into the window.

I'll post more later! Hope you've enjoyed my rambling!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Finale thoughts, or "Help me! I can't stop taking notes!"

I started thinking about why the Others wanted Jack, Kate and Sawyer. If it's because they are seeing things and might be sick, or psychic, why isn't Sayid there? Didn't he see Walt? As far as people seeing things, Sayid did tell Michael in "The Other 48 Days" (I think) that he saw Walt, but like I really think that was more Walt than Sayid - Walt, because of the island, might be powerful enough that he can project himself to people that are not necessarily psychic.

My guess is that Jack, Kate and Sawyer/James have this power too but maybe not to the level Walt does. It seems the Others do think this might be genetic because they took Michael's blood right before they asked about Walt.

My other guess is that the "sickness", is related to psychic ability, or the island's power to enhance it, whether through its magnetic properties (which may or may not be gone now) or just its lack of any other types of interference or stimuli. This might explain why Rousseau's team went crazy (too many visions, projections, etc.).

Whether the "sickness" can be detected in the blood is something the Others may be trying to find out. Jack, Kate and Sawyer better get used to needles! I'll think of some Sawyer one-liners having to do with blood, needles, or medical procedures! Maybe he could call fake Henry Vlad or Bea could be Vampira - yeah, those are weak. (Actually, the hardest scene for me to watch was the now-famous blood drawing scene in "Three Minutes!" I had to turn away!)

OMG, I just thought of something else. What if the Others were planning to get Walt off the island as part of their experiment? If there is more than one possible cause of something, I think you would try to isolate the causes and try them one at a time.

Let's say the Others want to see if the ability to see visions, project yourself or other things, etc., is genetic or due to a "sickness" (blood draws), because of the magnetic properties of the island (the button) or Walt. This would explain why Jack, Kate and Sawyer are with the Others, why they let Walt go and why they eventually wanted the button to stop being pushed.
Fake Henry probably wanted the button pushing to go on a little longer once Walt left so they could see how much of an effect Walt really had. However, I think there are other parts of the island, or smaller nearby islands (maybe where the barracks are) that may have the same properties, or even more magnets or buttons to push. This might be why the Others weren't that concerned about the noise and bright light and still let Walt go. Even if they didn't know about the failsafe, they probably have a back-up plan. I could see fake Henry declaring, "Failing to plan is planning to fail, Jack!"

And what if Inman wasn't telling the truth, or what if he was lied to? He sure seemed to have a "screw this" attitude and may not have cared what happened anyway. What if the "failsafe" doesn't turn off the magnet but just resets everything? The experiment could still go on, nothing would be destroyed, and my favorite guys would still be alive! (Note to Eko: whoever harms my beautiful bald Locke is in for a bruisin'. Yo.) And if the Others didn't know about it or just weren't sure about what it does, they have a back-up, so they didn't care.

Parenting the Lost Way

Oh, one more thing. I showed my boys (4 and 6) the first part of the finale with Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swimming out to the boat. It turns out my VCR went nuts and refused to record any more! They wanted to re-enact the scene in the bathtub. Johnny (6) wanted to be “one of the guys who stripped.” (Mommy seemed to like that part, I guess, although I was pulling for the trifecta, and when Jack did not go shirtless, I was disappointed.) He did not understand why they left their pants on because that would make it harder to swim. I was honest and told them I was disappointed too (because of the swimming thing, not because I wanted to see those guys mostly naked . . . well, ok I did, but I didn't share any of this with them!) but that they could not show naked people on network TV at 9:00 pm. Bobby wanted to be Charlie because he determined Desmond was crazy. I agreed and told him he’s not a baby anymore like Aaron and Charlie seems to be the next smallest guy since Walt was gone. But I told him that would not be a good idea. I didn’t explain. I told him he could watch Season 1 when he turned 14 when I will get him the 10th Anniversary Edition for Christmas.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When a ? means answers

I have some thoughts after watching (and taking notes!) “?.” Yeah, I take notes. I have trouble remembering everything I saw, even if I watch more than once. An episode like "?" almost begs for notetaking. I guess I'm hoping the more I understand along the way the better the payoff will be when answers come.

I warn you that these are pretty random and disconnected – I have sinusitis and am on medication! Just one of the perks of the Beautiful Ohio Valley – sinus issues!

Here is what we learned, or my nine points of revelation:

1. Kate is Vincent’s replacement! - I posted about this on the forum, but what’s up with Jack and Sawyer treating SuperKate like the family dog? Jack tells Sawyer Kate will go with him, not even stooping to speak to her. Then Sawyer walks away and says “C’mon Freckles” as an afterthought. No wonder nobody misses Vincent – they have good old Kate! Trust me – she is the next one to go all Michael on everybody.

2. Sometimes you don’t need any words. How about when Hurley comes upon Sawyer and Kate-the-Family-Pet getting the heroin? The camera pulls back because we know what Kate’s telling him and we don’t need to hear it. Almost anybody would walk away from a conversation like that between two other people because it’s so personal. (No clunky exposition once again – thanks, Damon!) We just get to see Kate’s arm on his shoulder and Hurley’s head slump forward, almost like he was shot too. I got a little misty. Actually, if you didn’t tear up during this episode, check your pulse!

3. Deep down, Locke really is pathetic, and he finally realizes that. Question: If Locke dreams that Eko is watching him sleep, is he really watching himself? And – surprise – in Locke’s dream, he is not the hero, Eko is. This supports what he says later about his pathetic little life being meaningless. He’s forever watching other people do what he’s supposed to do. Maybe Locke realizes he’s “sleeping” when he should get his bottom (and what a nice one it is!) in gear and do something to find the ?. This is where his "redemption" comes in. He'll finally act to back up his beliefs instead of telling everyone else to do something. ETA: It’s been pointed out that Eko was limping in Locke’s dream, so Locke wants to be Eko? Or he thinks he can’t accomplish what he’s supposed to accomplish without Eko?

4. The new bickering couple is Eko and Locke! I sincerely loved their walk through the jungle: Eko: (looking at the map) What is this, a river? Locke: It’s a wavy line. And the head butt? I have been waiting for almost two years for somebody to do that to Locke (and I’m the biggest Locke fan there is)! Eko rocks! ETA: Moral – Sometimes we all need some sense knocked into us!

5. We’re not asking the right questions. For those who think we’re not getting any answers, I think we are, but not to the questions we’re asking. Kinda like life. (Medication, remember?) IMHO, the right question is how many log carriers does it take to replace Ana and Libby??

6. It’s Michael’s party, and he can shoot if he wants to! Michael and Hurley in the Hatch: I think Michael is realizing there it’s not his island and the other Losties are just there because he lets them live on it. Well, actually it’s exactly like that right now. Anyways (ding), while he’s been thinking about and searching for Walt, he has failed to notice anybody not connected with his son. This might be natural for a father, especially an over-compensating formerly absentee one, and I think the Others have and will continue to exploit that. But when Hurley tells him he’s glad he’s OK, he is starting to notice somebody else, even as Hurley’s killing him with guilt and kindness. I guess that will be the beginning of his redemption, and maybe the reason behind why Walt was taken in the first place. Remember Zeke saying they have to take the boy? After fake Henry told Ana Goodwin thought he could redeem her, I thought one of the missions of Dharma might be to “redeem” the people who can be good, which is to exploit the weaknesses of the Losties for their own benefit.

7. Eko is a good priest! Charlotte tells Eko his brother said this. Well, if Yemi said it, it’s good enough for me!

8. Libby really does (oops, did) work for Dharma (either consicously or without knowing it)! Did you catch the look she gave Charlotte at the airport? I think Eko noticed too but was too distracted by what Charlotte was saying to put it together. Now that she’s dead, he probably won’t remember he saw her at all. Remember Jack, just because she was on the plane (and the fact she was in the airport doesn’t entirely prove that) it doesn’t mean she isn’t (or wasn’t) a mole! And depending on how complicated or devious you think Dharma and/or Widmore are, might they be deceiving their moles too? How much does anyone who is doing their bidding have to understand? Remember in the second orientation film how the doctor says the observers don't need to know the purpose of the experiment?

9. The work being done on the island is important, but not because they’re told to do it. When Eko mentions this, I think he’s not just talking about what they do in the Swan Station, or the Pearl Station, if they ever make use of it. He’s also talking about whatever they do on the island – all their interactions, conflicts, etc.

One more and I promise I’ll stop! The beeping of the alarm at the end clues us in to the fact that time really is running out.